Strepsils Use

1. Why should I use Strepsils over other lozenges?

Strepsils is a soothing and medicated lozenge which contains active medical ingredients to tackle sore throat pain deep down. Trusted by consumers and pharmacists alike, the Strepsils medicated lozenge range provides consumers with the most appropriate treatment option for sore throats. Strepsils will help battle colds and flu.

Strepsils lozenges target the throat immediately, and over a prolonged period. Unlike non-medicated lozenges or sweets, Strepsils provides clinically proven relief which lasts for long after the lozenge is gone.

2. Are there any Strepsils lozenges that don’t contain sugar?

Yes, we have a Sugar Free range – in Lemon and Strawberry flavour.

Strepfen Intensive Orange lozenges are also sugar free.

3. Why is there a range of Strepsils lozenges? Which one should I use?

Sore throats vary from dry and irritated to swollen and inflamed. There is a range of Strepsils lozenges for the different types of sore throats.

View our Strepsils Product range for more information on what lozenge is best for your symptoms.

4. Is Strepsils safe for children to use?

It is not safe for children 6 years and under since lozenges are a choking hazard.

Strepsils Dry Cough Lozenges (Pharmacist Only) should only be used in children 12 years and older.

5. Strepsils dosage – how many can I take in 24 hours?

  • For Strepsils Plus Lozenges - 8
  • For Strepsils Plus Throat Spray - no more than 6 sprays
  • For Strepfen Lozenges - 8
  • For our other products, whichincludes our core, sugar free, sore throat blocked nose, children 6+ and extra ranges, we recommend taking no more than 8 lozenges in 24 hours.

6. Can I consume alcohol while treating a sore throat with Strepsils?

No, do not take Strepsils and alcohol together.

If suffering from a sore throat try to avoid alcohol. The idea that alcohol 'disinfects' the throat is unfortunately a myth! In fact, drinking alcohol is much more likely to irritate than soothe a sore throat.

7. Where can I buy Strepsils?

Strepsils can be purchased from a range of supermarkets and pharmacies as well as some convenience stores (corner stores, petrol stations etc), throughout New Zealand. However, Strepfen Intensive and Strepsils Dry Cough (Pharmacist Only) can only be purchased from pharmacies.