Layering Up in Winter

How do you layer up in winter without looking like you've piled on the pounds?

Piling on the layers is a must during cold and flu season, but this doesn’t mean you have to pile on the pounds! Here are some sure-fire suggestions to fight the frost and maintain a visible waistline.

Keep your throat covered

One of the most vulnerable areas to infection can be one of the most eligible areas to accessorise. A scarf or a classic polo-neck sweater matched with a fine tailored jacket can boost an outfit and boot your cold.

Understanding Fabrics

The fabrics we choose can make or break an infection during the cold and flu season. Wool, for example, is a fabric renowned for maintaining warmth. The tiny spaces of air, which cluster among the hundreds of curly fuzzy hairs, absorb heat both from our body and from the sun.

Choosing your layers wisely

As much as layers can be our enemy, they can also be our friends. We simply have to choose where they mark their territory. Thick socks, large gloves and a good ol’ woolly hat will insulate the areas of our body where heat is lost most rapidly.

Finally we have ‘The Layering Effect’

This is the effect layered areas have on less layered areas. Start with a vest. Then pad on a couple more T-shirts, a few jumpers and that ski jacket you’ve never had the heart to part with. Team it all with a pair of tight-fitting black leggings, and you’ve created the illusion of leaner legs.

These are just a few pointers on your way to keeping healthy without feeling frumpy. We know the cold and flu season may drag down your senses, but don’t let it congest your sense of style.